And the Liebster comes my way!

Phew! Finally it's done! Exams are over. One of the best feelings for a student is the finishing of exams. Now I can call myself 5/8th of an engineer or a 62.5% engineer. Blogging had taken a back seat due my exams and now I'm back. The first thing that I want to do is to accept the Liebster award that Arpitha gave me. An awesome writer that she is each of her posts are so different and I love them. Thank you Arpitha for the award. :) I'm so happy as this is my first Liebster :)

Now to accept Arpitha's award, she has asked to me to tell 10 things about myself. Seems easy but it isn't. After a lot of thinking here goes my list:

1. I'm an early bird. Up at 5 a.m. And what do I do when I wake up that early? Blogs and Facebook. My day is never good if I don't begin my day with that!
2. I love to dream- sometimes realistic and sometimes I build castles in the air.
3. Books are my world. I love to read and I also love to write and I love it when people read what I write. But there is one category of books I don't like to write and somethings that I don't like to write. You guessed it right! Text books and exams! So if you ever want to gift me something it's better if you have books as one of the items. Yes, the list must contain many items! :-P
4. Though I'm a 20 and a few months old, I love being a child. I play pranks, I hit, I laugh and I enjoy! I never want to grow up!
5. I feel my life is a bliss when I get to lay my head on my mom's lap. Nothing beats that!
6. I love nature. Whenever I'm feeling low, the things that cheers me up is nature.
7. I love clicking random pictures. My cellphone memory is filled with random pictures of my friends and most of them are funny! :-P (Both the friends and the pics I mean) and then there are pictures of flowers. I love clicking these beautiful creations :) Just can't take my eyes off them.
8. I'm short tempered. Maybe I finish counting 10 very early. :-P
9. And as you can see I tend to use emoticons a lot! I'm very emotional you see :-P
10. The people I admire the most in my life are my parents. They are the best ever. The best role models for me. I love them a lot. Miss you Dad :(

Now that I'm done with my list of the 10 things about me, here is list of people I'd like to award an Liebster :)
1. Afshan
2. Medha
3. Sakshi Nanda
4. Namrata
5. Maulik
6. Richa Singh
7. Ganga
8. Sam
9. Daneshwari

In order to accept this award all you got to do is write a poem about yourself in 10 lines! Arpitha gave me 10 things and I'm giving you 10 lines :-D

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