Let's take a Chai break

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On a boring Monday morning,
Wondering how the whole week we'll take,
To mourn the weekend that went by without warning,
She says, "Let's take a Chai break!"

When the errors take forever to debug,
To switch on those brain cells, some chai we'll make,
Don't waste time, pick up your mug,
She says, "Let's take a Chai break!"

And on one random day,
When some cake she decides to bake,
For long the cake won't stay.,
She says, "Let's take a Chai break!"

On one cold afternoon,
When it difficult to stay awake,
"Let's listen to some Yo Yo Honey Singh tune,
And let's take a Chai break!"

When about life we have to talk,
Or some plans we have to make,
Pointing to the ticking clock,
She says, "Let's take a quick Chai break!"

To all those endless conversations we've had,
For all the times when I pulled you out for a break,
For all the good and bad, the happy and sad,
I say, "Come on buddy, let us take a Chai break!"

This post has been written in association with Chaayos & Blogchatter on occasion of Friendship Day.

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