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My friend, do you remember me?
My friend, it has been a long time!
 My friend, do you still remember me?
My friend, I was your best friend not so long ago.

I was with you during the days when you started off,
I was with you when you struggled to hit it off.
I was with you when you penned your book,
I was with you when you signed your first autograph.

Those days when you faced the writer's block,
Those days when you were too busy to notice the ticking of the clock.
Those days when no one stood by you,
Those days when you were flooded with ideas all new.

You said that I was your best friend,
You said I was mightier than the sword.
You said that you'd always carry me around,
You said the likes of me were rare to be found.

Why then did you leave me?
Why did you choose that keyboard over me?
Why did you forget me?
Why did our friendship not last long?

I made mistakes, but they were mostly yours,
I was slow, but that gave you more time to think.
I didn't help easily correct, but through that,
I taught you lessons you'd never forget.

Wish you would come back to me,
Wish you could just see, together how awesome we could be.
Wish I could help you when in trouble with your writing,
Wish we could go back to being best friends!

This poem is an Anaphora. The term “anaphora” comes from the Greek for “a carrying up or back," and refers to a type of parallelism created when successive phrases or lines begin with the same words, often resembling a litany. The repetition can be as simple as a single word or as long as an entire phrase.

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