The other side

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"Mom, give me some pocket money. All my friends get pocket money. But I don't", he said.
"What is the need for the pocket money? We give you all that you need, don't we?", replied his mother.
He made a face. "At least buy some snacks, please", he said pointing across the road to a boy his age who was selling some snacks. He added the please just to ensure he got what he wanted. As he walked towards the boy, he thought, "Wish I could make my own money like that boy there". 

On the other side, the day didn't look too promising for the little snack seller. He was already irritated because of the conversation or rather the fight that he had with his mother that morning. It was almost an everyday happening now.  But somehow it hurt him more today. 
"Ma, I want to go to school", he said. 
"School? What will we eat then if you go to school? The books? We can't even afford to buy the books. And it won't fill your stomach", his mother cried out angrily.
"But I can go to school for free. The government offers free education.", he made an attempt to calm her.
"Nothing is free my son and I don't believe the government's promises. They promised to help me by giving a pension after your father's death at the government's construction site. But what did I get? Nothing! Go to work now!", she almost screamed.
A lone tear fell down from his eye as he thought about it. But he wiped it away as he saw potential customers approaching him. It was a boy his age dressed in his school uniform, all set to go to school and his mother. They bought few snacks from him. As they walked away, he thought again, "How I wish I could go to school!". 
This post is written for Day 2 of the Write Tribe Festival of Words #5 .

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