The Half Time Look Back

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I was almost about to fall asleep, when the clock struck 12. And the realization struck and I sat up in bed wondering how time had just flown. I was half done now. I just had 6 months left and then my life would be over. What had I done? I've always wanted to make a difference, but had I? May be I had or may be I hadn't! But I wanted to be the best in whatever was left of me. But how would I do that? I didn't know if I was good enough all these months! Oh wait, the months! It was only the months that could tell me if I was good or bad! The whole world was a mess I knew it. But if I could analyze one person's life in the months that had gone by, I would understand what to do. 
I called all the months that had gone by and asked them to come for a quick meeting. January, February, March, April and May were all sound asleep when I called and I could hear them cursing me. But June was the worst of the lot. June was just relaxing that it was over when I called. And flatly denied my request to come for a meeting. But after some coaxing and cajoling, we were all set! But wait I had to find one person whose life for the past six months I had to analyze and I hadn't found someone yet. I was looking through few blogs to read while waiting for the months and then I came across this blog called as "Reem Writes". I kept reading the blog, found out about the blogger and I made up my mind that I was going to discuss her life. 
The months arrived one by one. "This better be important", said January. "Why do you do this?", said April. I asked them to be seated and I started talking. "Dear months, I understand that half of my life is over. In another six months, I will just be a memory. You are lucky that way. Though you have just 28-31 days in a year, you get to back year after year. But once the next six months pass I'll be gone. So I wanted ensure that I give my best in the months that are left. So I need your feedback as to how I've been so far. I don't want the whole world's report, I thought I would analyze one person at a time. So heard of this blogger called Reema D'souza? She blogs at her blog called Reem Writes". "Yes", they answered in unison. "So tell me about her life. What is her life all about?" "Blogging", they again said unison! "Tell me more!", said I. 
"She has been on a blogging spree for three months out of the six months that have gone by. And I was the craziest month for her in terms of blogging. Thanks to the A to Z challenge she took up.", boasted April.
January was quick to speak next. "She wrote each day of the month while I was there too. What more, she also began another challenge during my tenure". February said, "She began the Flash February series and it was a hit! Don't forget that". "But don't you dare forget me. I was the month when her first ebook got published", said May. "From posts that she wrote for the challenge and that was when I was around", retorted April. "She started planning and plotting for all those posts for April when I was there", said March. The months looked they were about to decide who was the best among them. I didn't want the discussion to go in that direction.  "Looks like it has been good for her so far in terms of blogging", I said. "June, you have been quiet all this while. Do you have something to say?", I asked. I think June was fast asleep. June woke up with a start and said, "Her blog crossed one lakh views when I was there!". Great. So it was good for her in terms of blogging. 
"What about other things?", I asked. "She is happy. I've been the best month for her I feel as I am her birthday month. She loves going home and she has gone home a few times this year", said January. "Meeting her blogger friends is another thing that she loves to do and she went to her first blogger meet this year", said February. "She went on a trip after a long gap to beautiful hill station and I know she enjoyed it a lot", said April. "She loves sports too and she got to represent her company team in a Volley Ball tournament and went on to become the runner up there", added May. "She loves to read a lot and she has read a good number of books already!", exclaimed May. June was drowsing off again. But June's replies were critical to me as it was the last month gone by. So I asked, "June, got anything to say?" "She fell sick. Chicken Pox. It was bad!", June replied sadly. And looking that I was sad, "She has almost recovered now", June quickly added. 
I though about all that these months had said so far and I was glad that it was a good year for her so far. I now had a task at hand. To make it better than it had been. I had a lot of planning to do. I didn't want to waste time. "Thank you for coming over. Your inputs were really helpful. I'll let you know if I need anything. Sorry for all the trouble. Have a good night!", I said to the months. Half of my lifetime was over. It was going to be a long night for me. I had to make stratergies for the time left. I had to perform better in the second half and score as many goals as possible. I had to summon July and the rest of the months now. 
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