Learning from people

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Like the clouds that pass by in the sky,
A lot of people come into your life each day.
Some make you feel low, some take you to a new high,
But each one has something to teach you in their own way.

Like the different colours of the rainbow,
The people you meet are all different.
Their impact on your life you may not know,
But trust me no one is insignificant.

Some may teach you lessons of love,
And will gently guide you at life's every turn.
But some may pull you down from above,
And destroy you to the point of no return.

The good in others will make you feel better,
But the things you learn out of hurt will make you the best.
Be strong, let the troubles not deter,
Your quest to rise above the rest.

Whether good or bad, happy or sad,
You have a lot to learn from each one.
At the end of the journey you'll be glad,
Because from learning from others, your life's battle you'd have won.
This poem is written for Day 4 of Write Tribe's Festival of Words #5

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