To err is human

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From the time that I was a little kid,
I was told to be perfect.
I was supposed to be the best in what I did,
For nothing less than that did they expect.

I grew up doing what I was told,
As I was scared to try something new.
I didn’t want to be bold,
But it wasn’t right, I knew.

Mistakes I made none,
As I always treaded on the safe path.
 I knew it wasn’t fun,
But I continued as I didn’t want to face the wrath.

And then I made a mistake,
My life changed in ways I never knew.
Now I was fully awake,
The things I learned all this time seemed so few.

I decided to walk on the path less taken,
And to do what my heart desired.
For all this time my dreams I’d forsaken,
Following the beaten path had made me tired.

As I tried all things new,
Mistakes I made a lot.
But from them I learned things I never knew,
More than any book from which I was taught.

So don’t be afraid to try something new,
For making mistakes makes you no less a human.
Perfection is a series of lessons from mistakes not so few,
Walk on your chosen path for to err is human.

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