Month in Rewind: May 2016

Okay so half of June is already gone. What am I doing here writing about May which now seems likes ages ago? I’d typed most of this post during the first few days of June. But then things happened. What happened? You’ll know in the next Month in Rewind post. But for now, sit back and read about May. I’m hitting publish on this post now because I am not the one to leave things half done.
May began on a nice note. I love summers but this time the heat was too much to handle. The occasional rains did provide some respite but you know, they are the Bangalore rains, unpredictable as always. So the first good thing that happened in May was the inter corporate Volleyball tournament that I participated in. We never had a Volley Ball women’s team before and forming one and then going on to become the runners up in the tournament was indeed something to be happy about. The best is getting to represent your company. Amazing feeling I must say. And yes, the Bangalore rains did play a spoilsport during the tournament too.
During May, I also got to meet two of my blogger friends thanks to the Blog Chatter city wise meet ups. I got to meet Maggie, whose blog I’d regularly followed during the A to Z Challenge. It was fun meeting her and it is always nice to meet someone from your city! I also met Ajay whom I’d met a couple of times before and is always a nice person to meet. I also met some of my friends from college after a long time and it always wonderful to catch up on the old memories!
I travelled home for my Mom’s birthday. It is always nice to come back home to mom’s extra dose of love. And this time around mom left no stone unturned- cooking my favourite dishes, getting my favourite things and the list goes on when actually she was the one to be pampered, it being her birthday!
And yes, May also let me meet my bestie after almost half a year! It was nice catching up about things after so long and like always our talks never end! She was kind enough to get some amazing Jackfruit for me knowing that I loved it and yes I also got my belated birthday gift. Yes, I know that is what happens when you don’t meet your bestie regularly!
At work, May was fun! We went on an outing during the last week of May. We spent an entire day at a resort on the outskirts of Bangalore. It was a welcome break from the monotony of daily routine. It was fun taking part in the various activities that the resort had to offer.
Blogging took a back seat in May. After going through the exciting journey of posting everyday through April and also for a few months before that, I badly needed some rest. It was strictly no laptop after coming back from work for the whole of May and yes that did help! I managed to get back on track with my reading. I hardly read anything during the whole of March and April because of the challenge. May gave me the time to do just that.
The best part of May? Self publishing my eBook. I know it may not be that big a deal. But putting together my own work and then getting a cover for it and then seeing it as a book rather than just a bunch of few posts is an amazing feeling! Thanks to Blog Chatter for listing my book!
May was a lovely month for me. How was it for you? Do let me know. And June so far? What can I say? I better leave it for the next month in rewind post.

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