That silver lining

Engrossed in thoughts I sit,
Looking at how things have been a mess.
It seems like good times have take a hit,
A twist in tale like this, I never did guess.
In my life, nothing seemed right,
For nothing made sense to me anymore.
I was tired now and had decided to give up the fight,
For all my dreams now looked like things of the yore.
Was it the circumstances or was I wrong?
I couldn't point it out.
Everyone said you got to be strong,
But did anyone understand what this was about?
Everything now felt dark and empty,
For no one understood what I was going through.
Gone were the days when I had friends a plenty,
Why was life so messed up I never knew.
I looked up at the sun and the clouds play hide and seek,
And how the sun's rays would peep and create a silver lining.
May be I shouldn't be so weak,
For after all this may be like the sun, I'll come out shining.

What was my silver lining I still had to figure out,
But I knew it was there and I had to find it.
For that silver lining was my ray of hope without doubt,
Now that I know, I just can't quit. 

This post is written for the Blog Chatter Prompt for the Week
Also writing this for Day 17 of Ultimate Blog Challenge

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