If only

Image source: Pixabay
The pain is there Dad though it has been years,
If only you hadn’t gone away.
My eyes still are filled with tears,
If only you could wipe them away.

Why did you have to go Dad?
If only it was just the pain that went away.
Thinking about it makes me sad,
If only you knew how much I miss you each day.

 Never knew that my time with you was so less,
If only you could stay with me longer.
The ways of life I can hardly guess,
If only I could be stronger.

I’ve grown up now doing the best that I could,
If only I could see your proud smile.
Life would just be so good,
If only I could bring you back, at least for a while. 

Note: Dedicated to my Dad who died of cancer on this day 14 years ago. From the past few years I have decided to write him a poem on this day. 

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