#AtoZChallenge : To Writer's block

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Dear Writer’s block,
Well before I say anything else let me just say one thing- I hate you! Yes I do. Most of the letters that I have written so far are written out of love or appreciation. But this one is going to be different because well you are different. I know many of the people reading this are on my side, so I win. At least this time I won’t let you win.
From the time I learned what reading and writing was, there have been ideas in my head. Ideas for articles, ideas for poems, plays and wait, even novels. And it was because of those numerous ideas in my head that I began writing. But as I began writing you became my worst enemy. You have spoiled my mood so often! The ideas are there, the words are there dangling around but they just refuse to come together. And there I am looking at my blank screen. I think of something to write about. I sit down and type a word. I erase it. I type an entire sentence and I erase it. I type an entire paragraph. But when I read it, it makes no sense and I am lost on how to proceed. So what do I do? Delete! Yes that is what you make me do.
Many are the times that I have done that. And all I ask you is, why? Why do you do that to me? How have I wronged you? All that I wish is to create wonders with my words. To pour out my heart and soul, to bring a smile on the faces of people who read me, to spread a message, to create stories, to rhyme- this is why I write. Tell me what is wrong with what I do? Have I harmed someone? No I definitely haven’t. So if my intentions are good, why aren’t you letting me do good to others and myself? Why do you block me- my thoughts, my words?
“Writing about a writer's block is better than not writing at all”
Charles Bukowski, The Last Night of the Earth Poems
I’ve tried a lot of ways to counter you but this time I am doing what Charles Bulowski told. Since you are not letting me write, I am writing about you. Now don’t dance thinking that you are going to be famous and that you won. Though you didn’t let me write, I still did write. I wrote about you and about how bad you are. All the people who read this will agree with me. So I win! Just listen to me now and just go into hiding. I’m sure that you have blocked a lot of minds and have eaten a lot of words. Just survive on all that you have hoarded till now. At least don’t trouble others in your old age. If not for you, I’d be a star author signing autographs. There is still time. So just go away okay? I am going to celebrate now because writing how about bad you are didn’t take me much time. 10 minutes and over 500 words out my head!
Good bye!                                                                                                                                                                                  
Not yours, never loved you,

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