#AtoZChallenge : To my Xerox Shop

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My dear Xerox shop,

First of all I am sorry. Sorry for not making you turn into reality. Destiny had its own plans for me. My plan of owning you remained nothing but a plan. Don't be upset with me. I have an explanation. Please hear me out. And I know that you are a photocopy machine and not a xerox machine. So don’t correct me. 

It was my first year in college and it being the first year I was all so excited. I had decided right at the beginning of the year that I would do my best. I would be prompt in my studies. The college I studied in being an autonomous college (now a university) we had this lesson plan with information regarding the subjects and the books to refer for each subject. No it did not end there. There was a different book for different units in the same subject. Buying each of those books was definitely not possible. I ran to the library to get all the books possible but there being limited copies I had no choice. I had to resort to getting photocopies of the lessons in various textbooks by borrowing it from friends or from the library. I sat making my own notes from those photocopies. And then the lecturers announced that they would be handing over the notes that they had made in the xerox shop and we had to get our copies from there. We didn't care much when the lecturers told but as the exams drew closer, the lines in front of the xerox shops near college only grew. That was just the beginning. As the months passed, there were multiple assignments and projects, the material for all of which was available in the xerox shop. I had to ask money from mom more often as I had so many photocopies to make. Slowly the number of people attending classes reduced. I was quite regular though. Now being the regular one, I had a task at hand - to take down notes in class. And then my note books would travel to the xerox shop and there were copies made, multiple copies of my dear notes. I was amazed at the business that the shop owner would make. So many photocopies to be made each day. Imagine the profits. So much money!

A couple of years passed by and I was in the beginning of my final semester and the placement season was about to begin. I was not sure about getting placed and so I made up mind that I would open you, my very own xerox shop. I loved the smell of paper and I could open a tiny book shop also. I could run this business and I could even write that novel of mine while sipping from a cup of tea. Life would be good. But then I got placed and I am sorry but I just forgot about you. There were so many other things to think about and I had no time to think about you. I am sorry for that. Just a couple of days ago while I was photocopying a few documents I remembered you. How I had decided to open you and how I had forgotten about it. But now that I remember, well may be I’ll see you post my retirement? So please don’t mind but I just can’t make you reality now. Hope that you are still relevant post my retirement!

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