#AtoZChallenge : To K

Dear K,

It has hardly been 9 months knowing you all but within this short span of time, you’ve become some of my closest friends. The first time I met all of you, I never knew that we would all be such great friends. Work is so much fun because you guys are around. 

Each one of you is special to me in your own way. Kups for just being there with me always – breakfast, lunch, snacks, tea breaks and the occasional sweets and snacks, Selvi for standing up for me always and giving me some life advice along with Kups when I am on whiny mode and Mallesha for just being there whenever I need you and for saving those chocolates in your drawer and giving them to the three of us whenever we are hungry. 

"Friends hide a smile and help you up when you fall, but best friends laugh so hard that they fall also."

You guys have been that kind of friends to me. From that first day at work where we started off as strangers to those innumerable Quiz Up games that we played together (often ending up playing a lot of them because we didn’t want to stop playing on losing streak), from drinking those cups of green tea to walking around the office after lunch, from ganging up in twos for Secret Santa to those lovely hand drawn Christmas cards that adorn my cubicle, and girls from cooking dinner at Kups’s house to dressing up in sarees for the Ethnic day- so many memories, so much fun. 

Staying away from home is not always easy. But with friends like you all around it does become easy. I am lucky to have friends like you all around. And when you guys are not around I miss Selvi bullying me, Kups’s paranoia about anything and everything, Mallesha’s ‘I don’t care. But I care’ attitude. Thank you for being my friends. Thank you for being there for me. 

Love you all,

Note: K is the name of the Whatsapp group of my gang of friends. Oh wait, the name has been changed to Awwoowoooh now. Yes we are funny that way. Kups, Selvi and Mallesha are my best friends from work. No, those are not their real names. The story of how those names came up will remain a secret. Real identities will not be disclosed unless they decide to do it themselves. K.   

I'm taking up the #AtoZChallenge and my theme is "A letter for a letter". So make sure you read all the letters from A to Z. 

 Also participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

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