#AtoZChallenge : To Choices

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Dear Choices,

Life is a journey. I’d like to think of it not just as a journey, but a journey which demands us to make a choice at every step that we take. Or wait, every step we take is a choice. From the time I was born, there have always been choices to make- choice of clothes to wear, of food to eat, of schools and colleges to work in, of places to visit.  Choices are a plenty- some easy, some difficult. At times, I am so used to having you around, that I fail to appreciate what I have. 

But dear choice, at times I’m so confused by you and I wonder why you even exist. You have been so hard at times. Decisions are difficult to make. How do you think I feel when I have to choose between the people I love and my dreams? Between what I love to do and what I am supposed to do? Why do you always have to come with conditions applied? Why are you so tricky at times that when I feel I’m doing things right I just end up making the biggest mistake?

“You are free to make whatever choice you want, but you are not from the consequences of the choice”

How true those words ring! Good or bad, happy or sad I must accept the consequences of my decisions. I am sure that life would be pretty boring if you weren’t there. Each day would be the same, nothing different to do, nothing different to learn. I am glad that I have the opportunity of choosing what I want to, no matter how difficult the decision is. Aren’t there many in this world who have are forced into living the type of life they don’t want to just because of lack of you? A few people because they are scared to take that first step and some just because they are helpless? 

Thank you for being there. It is I who need to take responsibility of the things that I choose to do, of the decisions I make and be prepared to face the consequences. And sometimes, no matter how difficult and confusing you are the outcome of the decisions might bring me more happiness than I ever know. Isn’t it? 

Gratefully yours,

I'm taking up the #AtoZChallenge and my theme is "A letter for a letter". So make sure you read all the letters from A to Z. 
Also participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge. So this is my day 4 post. 

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