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Last year around this time when I saw a few of my fellow blogger friends write posts for the A to Z Challenge, I wanted to do it too. I was too late last year, but this time I vowed that I would finish it. That is why I signed up for this challenge. It has been over a week now and so far it has been good. I have been able to post for each day promptly so far. Most of my posts have gone live when the clock strikes 12 at midnight. Thanks to writing posts before and prescheduling them. Good that I did that because there was no way I could manage to write a post last week as I was sick. 
The best part of A to Z challenge is not just about writing our own posts but reading a lot of other bloggers too. It is about networking, making blogging relationships that last. Thanks to Blog Chatter, I had the pleasure of connecting with so many bloggers who were taking up the challenge too and what a journey it has been so far. The love shown through the comments and shares, encouraging each other too blog when it gets difficult at times, caring about each other  when they are sick or hurt (personal experience), we’ve become a close knit family in a matter of just few days.
Sundays are technically off for the A to Z Challenge. But this Sunday Blog Chatter asked us to do some blogging. So here are the three bloggers that I started reading because of the A to Z Challenge and whose posts I love.

  1. Chandni Moudgil: She blogs at Life in Technicolour. She has been writing wonderful stories each day of the challenge so far. I love her narration and I would definitely follow her blog post the challenge too. 
  2. Shalini: Shalini is a champ. While most of us are struggling with the A to Z Challenge on one blog, she is here taking it up on two blogs. Her tales of being an Army wife on her blog Tale of Two Tomatoes are witty and interesting to read. While she is not writing her Army wife tales she dons the role of a chef, a master chef at that and posts yummy chicken recipes on her cooking blog Something’s Cooking
  3. Era : She blogs at The Era I lived in. For this A to Z Challenge, she opens her Mommy diaries and tells us how she is trying to bring up her child. Her ways are different but interesting – be it inculcating the habit of reading or explaining to the child the importance of honesty, she does it differently and I like it.

Apart from these there are so many other blogs that I read daily and I love them all. There are few blogs that I have always been reading and few others I was introduced because of the challenge. Reading each one is a different experience.
So apart from listing the three blogs that I loved in these days of the challenge, I am supposed to tell three of my best posts for the challenge so far.

  1. To Dad : Each letter that I have written for this series has a lot of emotions attached. This one was the one with the most because this one is straight from the heart. 
  2. To God : This comes a close second. I have always wanted to write to God about a lot of things and this is letter is one of them. 
  3. To Books: Books have been my best friends throughout my life. From my childhood till now, this letter explains why books are the love of my life.

The journey has just begun and there is still a long way to go. More awesome posts to be written and even more awesome posts to be read, commented and shared.
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