Who am I?

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I was lost in the crowd,
I was one among the lot.
My voice lost in the din ever so loud,
“Who am I?”, the answer I sought.

To some I was good; to some I was bad,
I’d been kind to some and rude to many.
I’d made people happy and I’d made them sad,
But who was I, answers I didn’t find any.

To the world I was a so and so person,
But when alone, I was a different entity.
For this I found no reason,
I bemoaned my confused identity.

A traveller on life’s journey I thought I was,
But was I on a journey if I really didn’t move forward?
Was I the one who raised the voice for a just cause?
Or do I run away from trouble and I’m a coward?

No one can know the real me,
For often I hide behind a mask.
I am not what the world can always see,
Finding who I am is indeed a task.

In life, so many roles I play,
So many characters I juggle through.
Who I am, I can’t say,
If only, I knew.

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