Sealed with a kiss

Dear love, I know it has been long,
Since I heard from you.
But I know I’ve to be strong,
Though about your well being I’ve no clue.

At times I wish that you didn’t have to be away,
But I understand when duty calls you have to go.
For your safe return I always pray,
I miss you a lot though.

I wish time would stand still,
When you were by my side.
My eyes with tears fill,
My fears I am unable to hide.

But my love, don’t you worry,
I’ll be strong and wait for your return.
Hope time would only hurry,
For to be with you I yearn.

I hope you are safe and sound,
Your presence I miss.
In your hands may this letter be found,
For I am sealing it with a kiss. 

This post has been written for Magpie Tales for the above picture prompt. 

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