Month in Rewind: February 2016

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And yet another month has just gone by. 2016 why are you in a rush? Though February had a day more than usual this time, I just don’t know where February went!
If someone asks me what was February about for me, I have an answer. Blogging! February was all about blogging for me. I started this series called “Flash February” and never thought people would love it so much. After blogging continuosly for 2 months in December and January, I wanted a break. But I also wanted to write something each day. I wanted something new up on my blog each day and that is how the idea was born. And I am really glad that I was able to complete it.
The best thing that happened to me this February was the #FlipkartOutdoors meet organized by Indiblogger. It was my first blogger meet and I got to meet a lot of people- a lot of people whom I have always wanted to meet. What a day that was! It was so much fun with all the activities, the gadgets and most importantly the wonderful bloggers whom I got to meet that day. You can find a detailed post about my experience here.
Flash Fiction has now become my favourite genre or wait is it poetry? I am still confused. But what I never expected was that my flash fiction would win me a prize in office. And especially Science Flash Fiction. Yes! I won a prize in the Science Flash Fiction Contest organized by Bosch India. I’m happy that my writing is winning me accolades at work as well.
Reem Writes crossed 75k views in February and I am only glad that it happened. I know that this is nothing great, yet these are tiny steps. Blogging has become one of the most important parts of my life and I am glad that it has. Putting my thoughts out, whether my inner feelings or something cooked by my imagination really helps me. And now I can honestly call myself- engineer by day, blogger by night! And my workplace has also shifted. It is a lot closer to where I stay. So it is Bye Bye BMTC and yes to morning and evening walks!
So apart from working during the day and blogging at night, my weekends were spent either in the company of good friends. Spending time with a few close friends feels really good. I’ve been catching up on reading these days. Thanks to the books that I received as gifts on my birthday and the Goodreads Reading Challenge, I’ve pushing myself to stay on track to finish the challenge. My 100 happy days challenge is also going on well and I hope to finish it in style! I fell sick during the last weekend and And at times when I’m alone, I just wish I could go home. It has been over a month now since I went home.
February has been a good month for me. 2016 is running but I did have my share of memories. March you better be good! How was February for you? Let me know in the comments.

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