#MondayMusings: Lessons from experience

Just watching the sky from the terrace

When I woke up in the morning last Saturday, I was happy. Weekends means time away from work and yeah beginning from the Monday of the week, I just wait for the weekends to come. Sometimes I do have plans for the weekend, but most times I don’t. Since I was sick the previous weekend, I’d decided that I would at least do something productive this time around. I had a long list of things to do. Posts to be written, comments to be responded to, blog hopping, deciding on my theme for the A to Z challenge, searching for ideas to decorate my new desk at work and so on. But then I couldn’t.
Barely had I woken up and had my breakfast, the power went off! Oh summer is here and so are the power cuts, I thought. I thought of going back to sleep for another hour as that is the usual duration of power cuts. One hour. One turned two and so on. Finally the power was restored. After 8 hours. In that duration, I went from being unhappy, to irritated, to going crazy. But then I just calmed down. There was nothing that I could do. Things wouldn’t go according to my plan. There was something that I could do.
Reading! I read for most part of the day. I was so used to the Air Conditioning in office that sitting by the window and reading while enjoying the cool breeze blow felt like an all new experience. And when it was evening, I just sat on the terrace reading. Turning page after page, devouring the stories has always been the best of my hobbies. And this time I did just that. I hadn’t found enough time to read all these days owing to my busy schedule. As the evening progresses, I watched the sun go down and saw the sky painted in different hues. Once I had calmed down and made an alternate plan, my day didn’t seem bad at all. In fact it felt like one of the best days.
I learned a lot of things from this experience. First, sometimes things aren’t under our control and in such situations rather than freaking out, it is better to calm down and think with a cool mind. Plans may not always materialize, but it is we who have make the best of the unplanned things because sometimes there is beauty in spontaneity. Sometimes we need to look at the nature around us- we always have a friend in nature. It may be the cool breeze that calms you down, the magnificent skies that make you be in awe of its beauty, the birds that will just give you company, the rustle of the leaves, the sweet scent of the flowers. Nature is full of surprises. Sometimes just a walk in nature can make you feel happy. 
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