#AtoZChallenge: Theme reveal

I have decided to take up the A to Z challenge this year. Blogging throughout April is going to be fun. And to make it more fun and to make it easier for me, I’ve decided to have a theme for the challenge. As April draws closer, here I am telling you about my theme, so that you can know what to expect.
My theme for the A to Z challenge is going to be- “A letter for a letter” Confused? Let me explain. In this era of instant messages, it always feels good to receive a letter from someone. Writing a letter to someone is equally gratifying as well. Letters sometimes convey your deepest emotions. Words have the power to heal. So for each of the 26 days of April that this challenge is on, I will be writing a letter. It will be a letter to someone or to something. Since it is the A to Z challenge, the letter will be addressed to the person or thing which begins with the corresponding day’s letter. The people or things that I will be writing letters to are a part of my life. They are people whom I lucky to have in my life, some who thought me lessons, some things that define me and some things that I just love. It is going to be a mix of good and bad, happy and sad, serious and funny. So be prepared for the ride.
I’m trying hard to give my best to each post. I hope that I stay motivated to complete this challenge. So I’m all set to write my letters, are you ready to read them? I’d love it if I get some letters motivating me and cheering me up. Are you listening dear readers? Hope you all read all my posts. I’m excited for the challenge, are you?

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