The story of "Me"

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A story I wish to share,
For it is within me, waiting to be told.
But I don’t how do I start and where,
May be time will let it unfold.

It is the story of a person called “Me”,
You can choose to call “Me” good or bad.
You can feel free,
For “Me” is the best friend you have ever had.

“Me” is just like anyone else,
But what makes “Me” stand out is that it is “Me”.
Me’s deeds are such that your heart melts,
Or can make you cold hearted than you can ever be.

“Me” is a special person to everyone who is around,
Or “Me” can have nobody and just be.
“Me” face can always be down with a frown,
Or “Me” can have the best smile that you can ever see.

But why is everything in the story of “Me” is so weird?
Why isn’t anything about “Me” definite?
Will the air around “Me” be ever cleared?
Or will it remain dark like the night?

Relax, my friend for the answers are there,
It is just that you have to make an effort to find them.
The “Me” in the story is the one for whom you care,
The “Me” is you, who life is more precious than a gem.

It is the story of the life you live each day,
So you can choose to be happy or sad.
Since it is your life you have a say,
In making yourself the best friend you ever had.

So make each day count,
For once upon a time began this story.
Each moment you will have to account,
You can choose how it will go down in history.

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