The joy of doing nothing at all

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Yes, you read the title right. First Monday of the year and I am talking about doing nothing at all. Do I sound like a lazy person who has no motivation to work? I don’t know if I sound like that but the truth is that I am definitely not feeling lazy and I feel refreshed, highly motivated to take on the challenges that the year has to offer. How?
I was on leave for 7 working days which gave me close to 12 days of holidays. Did I go to some exotic place on a vacation? No I did not. Apart from stopping at Mangalore-Udupi for a day to attend a wedding, I was at home most of the time. The first few days had a lot of activity with it being Christmas but after that things just slowed down and I got the much needed rest. Yes, mom did take me around each day for something or the other, but I did get a lot of me time.
And I think I used the me time rather well- blogging daily, reading other blogs, watching a movie and so on. But what I liked the most was just sitting by myself and doing nothing- nothing except thinking. Thinking about life that I have lived, the life that I wish to live, the memories, the happy moments, the sad ones, the lessons- it really feels good. Also the thing that I love about not having to go to work is the fact that there is no need to rush. We keep running each day in life’s race, at times it is good to slow down or stop for some time, take rest and then proceed. Definitely we will feel refreshed and we will be enthusiastic to take on the challenges that come our way.
The beauty of music is not in the continuos notes but in the rest in between. That is what makes it melodious. Similarly rest only helps us better ourselves. So if you feel tired after all the work you have done and haven’t rested in a while, then take a couple of days off and relax and do nothing! Don’t plan anything for those days. Take the day one moment at a time. Be spontaneous. Trust me you will fell so much better!

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