The Chase

Charing Cross Road, 1937 by Wolfgang Suschitzky

Wait! Please don’t go,
There are things I want to say.
There things I wish you know,
And then you can decide if you want to leave or stay.

For long I’ve waited for the perfect time,
To say the things that have always been on my mind.
I’m sorry for being the coward that I am,
Hope a chance to make things right I will find.

As you keep walking away,
I find it hard to keep my pace.
But I’m determined for rain or storm come what may,
I won’t give up this chase.

As if you’ve heard my cry,
You stop and look back!
I’m glad I gave it a try,
We stare at each other and of time we lose track.

Tears of joy run through my face,
As I run towards you I hear my heartbeat race.
And while we are locked in a tight embrace,
I promise I’ll be with you through life’s every phase.

This poem is written for Magpie Tales- 300 and also for Day 7 of UBC.

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