Lost and found?

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I carefully walked through the fields avoiding the thorns and thistles that had now grown in it. As I walked I remembered the time that I spent here. Those were the jolly old days with no cares in the world. We were a group of five and the best moments of our lives were spent here. Though I’d walked for long, I couldn’t find what I was looking for. I then realized that the penumbra cast by the old banyan tree and the long grass that had grown around it had hidden it. It was the hut- our hut! It was the place for all the fun we had. It was where we shared our daily joys and woes with each other. But the best reason that I loved being there was him. As we grew up, I fell in love with him. I loved being with him and I was pretty sure that he loved being with me too. There were times when just the two of us would come here and spend time. And then he just went away- where to? I don’t know. Just then a notification popped up on my phone- a friend request from him!
Word count: 200
This post is written for Sunday Photo Fiction for the above Photo prompt.
Also linking this post to my blog buddy Aditi's Saturday Word Play- Penumbra

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