Let me be me!

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Imperfect you may call me,
And I am glad that I am.
Because these imperfections make me,
The person that I am.

For from my mistakes I learn,
Lessons that no one else can teach.
With life’s every turn,
I try to go as far as I can reach.

You judge me for how I look,
But I bet you know not about the harrowing pain I’ve been through.
I can’t live by the book,
The one with the rules made by you.

You may call me names,
But none of those matter to me.
For I know your reasons are lame,
And it is my life, so let me be me!

I’ll have wings so I can fly,
And make my dreams come true.
I am sure I’ll reach for the sky,
And I’ll be happy living my life the way I want to. 

 This poem is written for Three Word Wednesday- 462

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