Lesson learnt

I walked out of the place in a fit of anger as I couldn’t take it any longer. I had enough of all the arguments. Every day I worked in a frenzy to keep it out of my mind. But then everything kept haunting me all the more. I was there peacefully having my lunch and what happened later ruined it all. For once I wished that my life would be over soon and all the pain the recent happenings had caused would just cease. It was that I realized that I was still carrying the burger in my hand and having no intention of eating it now, I was about to throw it away. Just then my eyes fell on a little boy standing at a distance, his eager eyes looking on the burger longingly. I called him and gave him the burger for it was better to feed a hungry soul rather than just throwing it away. But happened next just made me surprised me. He first wiped my tears away and wasn’t ready to take the burger that I was offering. He agreed on one condition- that I had to eat half of it and that I had to smile. I was touched. I agreed! And I sat along with him guzzling that burger with a permanent smile on my face! Life was to be lived and enjoyed. Because moments such as this made life worth living.

This post is written for Three Word Wednesday -461 and Day 6 of UBC.

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