At life's crossroads

Nothing seemed to make sense. She couldn’t explain to anyone the emotion turmoil that she went through. She wasn’t certain of her own future but now she had a lot of decisions to make, life altering decisions. She always felt her life was a mess. A troubled childhood had made her insecure. She had lived all her life thinking it was a burden. She was lucky enough to have found someone who loved. Not only had he made her life better, but her insecurities had almost disappeared. That was when fate struck a cruel blow.
A road accident had taken him away from her. Once again she was left all alone or so she thought. Just a few days after his funeral, she discovered that she was pregnant. Her world shattered, she couldn’t manage to take care of herself and she definitely wasn’t ready to care for another life. The quacking of the ducks broke her chain of thoughts. It was Mumma Duck along with her brood. A thought struck her. Wasn’t she getting a chance to bring a new life into the world? Just when she thought of giving it all up, she had found her purpose in life.
Word Count: 200
This post is written for Sunday Photo Fiction.

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