Reach for the sky

Picture Courtesy: Sulaiman Sait

Lost I am in the crowd,
Together with others I have always been.
What lays beyond, is a mystery shroud,
By darkness, for light I’ve not seen.

There is world apart from the one I now see,
New things to look, new paths to venture.
But it is so hard to let go and be me,
There are risks too many if I go in this adventure.

This has always been my comfort place,
Together with all the ones I know.
We are always together, never on different ways,
It is killing me now though.

I have my own dreams,
I want to rise, to soar, to fly high.
Though telling good bye is harder than it seems,
I am venturing on my own, to reach for the sky!

 This poem is written for the above picture prompt at A Week for Writing .

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