Making someone's day

Sometimes we have good days and sometimes we have bad days. Sometimes it doesn’t take a lot of things for the day to go from worst to the best. All that matters is few things. A tiny gesture, a sweet smile, a lovely compliment, some appreciation and the list goes on.
Today’s day started like any other day. Off to work in the morning beating the Monday morning blues. It started off as an ordinary day as I just went about doing things that I always used to. It all changed in the evening.
I was away from my cubicle for some time and when I came back I had a pleasant surprise. This is what I saw at my cubicle.
Copyright: Reema D'souza
My friends made these cute cards for me and they left a CD with Christmas carols which I am listening to right now as I write this. I was touched! I was so happy that I started calling all my other friends to my place and showed them what they had done for me. It made my day. Just a couple of days ago I’d told them that I wasn’t feeling Christmasy because I missed being at home and being a part of all the preparations. And today they gave me CD containing all my favourite carols! There was this big smile on my face and I am still happy! Thank you Shruthi, Brinda and Sharath for the lovely surprise. Thanks for making my day J
It is little things that can make someone’s day. Have you made someone’s day? Or has someone made your day? Let me know in the comments. 

This post is written for #MondayMusings at Write Tribe. 

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