Live life!

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I lived each day like the previous one,
All that changed each day was just the date.
Challenges I wanted none,
I wanted to be ordinary, never great.

In the herd of people I was lost,
I was always a nobody in the world.
It went on that way without me knowing the cost,
When one day the bitter truth was revealed.

Life I realized was too short,
And all these days I had only lived the same day again.
There were things that I had to sort,
I didn’t want what was left of my life to go in vain.

I searched within and tried to find myself,
On a journey of self discovery, tiny steps I began to take.
Life began to get better by itself,
When my own decisions I decided to make.

I found the real spark that inspired me,
Did things that I really wanted to do.
I stopped bothering about how people want me to be,
Because I just had one life and not two.

I now live each day as if it were my last,
I do what I want to do and it makes me good.
There is no point in dwelling in the past,
Live life fully because that is the way you should!

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