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Life teaches us a lot of lessons. Some we learn the easy way and some we learn the hard way. But the ones that we remember for long are the ones that we learned the hard way. We often get to learn a lot from the most ordinary experiences. The things we take for granted when seen in a different light seem to be a lot different. So here is one such personal experience.
A couple of days ago, I fell sick. As I am living away from home now, I missed being at home when I was sick. At home, mom was always there to take care of my every need if I was sick. I really missed all the pampering and the attention that I used to get. Not that I got any less of it on phone, but mom’s gentle touch, the care in her eyes when I am sick was badly missed. How I took all of it for granted! And here I was alone in my room, sick with none to help me out with all my work.
But there was one thing that I always remembered mom telling me. She often used to tell me that if brother or I were sick, we could peacefully rest as she was there to take care of us. But if she was sick, she had to take care of herself and do her work because we would sometimes (or call it most of the times) end up making a mess in the name of helping her with the work. I thought about it and yes mom had always managed to take care of us and herself when she was sick. I used to do what I could do but then she never really let me do everything. This was a kind of inspiration for me. If mom could do all of her work and take care of us even when she was sick, couldn’t I her daughter just do all my work and take care of myself?
And that is what I did. I did take rest but I also ended up cleaning my room, washing my clothes, buying some eatables and medicines and yes making something for myself to eat! (That is a first for me after shifting to Bangalore :P) Yeah I did cry a little because I was homesick but I was proud of myself because I now felt grown up for taking care of myself. Thank you, Ma!
Ever had a similar experience? Please share. 

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