Hate to love

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Dear you,
It is hard for me to write this but then I have to. There are things that are better not put off until tomorrow. Ever since I knew you, I have loved you. I could never say no to you. And I think I will love you for the rest of my life. You know how much I love you, don’t you? When you are not there I keep craving for you. If you are there, my day is good. No celebration is complete without you. And when I am sad, I need you to comfort me. Life is never complete without you.
Things have changed now. The carefree attitude that I once had, is now gone. I am not getting any younger as the days pass by. There are things I need to take care of. Guilt consumes me. I hate to tell it. But now I hate that I love you. I’ve been warned about the ill effects that you have on me. I have asked to avoid you on more than one occasions. But I haven’t. Because I can’t. And I don’t think that I ever will.
I just love you! No matter how old I become, I will continue loving you. I have been specifically told to avoid you and the times when I did that, I struggled to live. My days went from bad to worse. Instead of it doing any good, my condition became worse as the pain of staying away from you was too hard for me to bear. Now I’ve made up mind. I will never stay away from you. Never ever! I promise!
And now that our love story has become public all because I posted this letter on my blog, I need to tell the world who you are. I hope you are okay with it. The love that I hate to love is Ice Cream!! I love Ice Cream.
Yours lovingly,

PS: Before you plot to kill me for this letter of mine, please let me know what is that thing that you hate to love but you still love. *Runs to get her tub of ice cream*

This post is written for  The Daily Post's Daily Prompt- Hate to Love.
Hate to Love

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