Copyright: Reema D'souza

It is fire that can dispel the dark,
It is fire that can create a spark.
It is fire that can keep us warm,
It is fire that can protect when wild beasts swarm.

But it is the same fire that can kill,
The same fire can destroy according to its will.
It is fire that choke,
It is fire that leaves only ashes and smoke.

The fire is the same,
But it can save someone or maim.
The difference lies in the intent,
To spread cheer or let your anger vent.

A spark of love can bring joy,
The warmth of kindness each one can enjoy.
The fire of ambition can help achieve dreams,
The fire of love can protect even when tested to the extremes.

But the fire of anger can annoy,
The inferno of revenge can only destroy.
Leaving behind ashes and smoke fuelled by suspicion,
Of relationships now charred beyond recognition.

So what do you choose?
To gain something or to lose?
The difference only lies in the intent,
To spread cheer or to let your anger vent.

This poem is random write inspired by the lighted candle in my room during a power cut. 
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