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There are needs, there are comforts and then there are luxuries. But then there are things that you just can’t live without. These things become such an integral part of your life, that without them you find it difficult to live. I can’t do without these:
Mom- The first voice that I hear each morning though I am miles away from her- Mom’s voice. My day is incomplete and things never go well if I can’t hear her voice in the morning. Her hug comforts me when I feel low or when I am sick. Her smile makes me glad especially when I am the reason for it.
Memories. Memories of my childhood. When you were there by my side to hold my hand, Dad. It had been long since he has gone. But it is memories that keep me going, that tell me that you are watching me and hopefully you are happy with everything that I’ve been doing. Can’t do without remembering you!
Nature. The warmth of the morning sun, the cool breeze that soothes me, the rustle of the leaves that is music to my ears. Never, never can I stay in the confines of a concrete jungle!
Books. They are my best friends! That feeling of opening a new book, skimming through its pages, that smell of the books- all of it is special to me.
Music. The strums of the guitar, the beats of the drums, the melodious strains of music created by the piano. Without music, life would be so empty.
And then I can’t do without you all who make me smile, the one bunch of crazy people who make my life better as we talk about all things weird and end up looking like a bunch of maniacs. I definitely can’t do without you all!

This post is written for Blog Chatter's prompt- Cannot do without

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