There are times now when I feel alone,
With none to hear what I am saying.
So many things have changed as time has flown,
In weird ways destiny has been playing.

There was a time when we were all together,
Laughing at each others quirks and mistakes.
Good or bad we were all there for each other,
Standing by each other whatever be the stakes.

Things are so different now,
We have all now drifted apart.
Distance won’t keep us apart we did vow,
But then we did part.

Lives have become busy,
Time that we have is quite less.
Though keeping in touch in now easy,
We choose not to and then blame it on stress.

How I wish I could make time freeze,
To that day when we all happy together.
Wish those days would never cease,
And if only once again we could all be together!

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