Away from home

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The bags seemed heavy as I picked them up but my heart felt heavier. I wasn’t just taking along all the things that I needed, but there were memories that I was taking along. This place was my home for all of my life- at least from the time I can remember about. And now I was going away. I was going to a new place to make a new beginning. I would find a place to stay but I wasn’t sure of finding a place to live. I’d lived here- from taking my baby steps to growing up to be who I am today, it had all happened here. But it was time now for me to go.
There was once a time when I just wanted to go away from home and live by myself. But now when the time had come, it was difficult. In fact I didn’t want to. The gift of independence did lure me to dream of staying by myself, but that came at a price- the price being the warmth of my home. The familiar faces and familiar surroundings would now be gone and unfamiliarity would replace it. And I had no time to prepare for this transition. It had all happened so quickly! Why did I even decide that I wanted to go? I tried hard to stop my tears from flowing.
But I wiped them away. I had made the decision and now I had to live with that decision. The decision that I’d made, though a difficult one would prove to be the right one for me. I was sure of that. I walked away taking all the memories close to me but leaving behind the memories that had hurt me. It was time to face new challenges. It was time to be a grown up me!

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