What makes me smile?

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Isn’t that true? Busy as we are there these days, we often forget to share a genuine smile. The smiles that we have on faces are the compulsory fake smiles i.e, smiles that have to be given just for the sake of it. But doesn’t it feel nice when the smile is a genuine one? Smiles are one of the rare things that you can share without having to lose anything.
I thought of listing down the things that make me smile. Why? I felt there was too much negativity on my blog of late. So it is time now to brighten things up a bit. So here’s my list.
1.   Going home: Now that I live away from home, just the thought of going back home makes me smile. Nothing can beat that!
2.     Mom’s scheduled calls early in the morning and at night and her numerous texts in between: Moms will always be moms! Mine is no different. The early morning call is to ensure that I have woken up and I am not late for work and the calls at night are for status updates- what I did and did not do during the day. If that isn’t enough there are a number of messages during the day asking me if have eaten or not and so on! My day is never complete without this and talking to her the first thing in the morning makes me have an all smiles day.
3. Friends: I don’t have a lot of close friends but the ones I have are the ones I treasure. They are the ones who make me smile or rather laugh often during the day. 
4.    Blogging: The sole reason why I am here typing out a post instead of going off to sleep is because it makes me happy. Hitting the publish button brings an instant smile on my face.
5. When people say nice things about anything remotely connected with me :P – Those nice comments on my blog, those messages on Whatsapp and Facebook appreciating something I did always make me smile. And the smile is wider one if it something unexpected.
6.  Books. Books. Books.: These days I don’t find much time to read. But then books always make me smile. I could go on forever about how the I sniff the pages of a book before reading it, how I cling to a book as if I were holding on to dear life when I go off to sleep and the list goes on.
7.  Nature: I need fresh air always! I love staring into the clouds as the wind makes my hair fly.  I love to hear the rustle of the leaves as I keep watching the trees move. The chirping birds, the multi coloured flowers, the birds and the butterflies!  
8. Surprises: No surprises here! But yeah they have to be pleasant ones. The reasons may be silly but a surprise always makes me smile.

And I could go on with my list. But I think, the list here speaks about most things that make me happy. There are additions to this list like ice creams, pastries and chocolates but that is for another time. So until then, let me know what makes you smile?

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