Today is the day

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We think about the things that happened yesterday,
We plan about things that may or may not happen someday.
We cry about the things that went wrong,
We keep thinking about people who from our lives are long gone.
Or at times we live in yesterday’s glory,
Not realizing that it is now history.
The thoughts, the memories just keep coming back,
Thinking only about the things that we lack.
If it isn’t the past that is troubling us,
We have tomorrow to make a fuss.
We keep predicting that we will go wrong,
Instead of being strong.
Or we build castles in the air,
But to take up challenges we do not dare.
Why bother about the things that you can’t change?
Why worry about tomorrow and all things strange?
The precious moments of today are lost thinking about the future and the past,
Why don’t we realize that today will not forever last?
We don’t know if we will live to see another day,
Then why don’t we make the best of today.
Time that has passed never comes back,
Thinking too much into the future will only lead you out of track.
So relax, rejoice and live life your way,
For my dear friend, today is the day!

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