The facade

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She always had a smile on her face. Her life seemed perfect to the world. She tried living her life to the fullest. But it was all a facade that she had created. She pretended to be okay when nothing really was okay. The face that had a beautiful smile in front of the world had tears streaming down it when no one saw it. There was pain. There was sadness. There was a void which she felt that no one or nothing could fill. She tried to keep herself busy and tried as hard she could to keep the pain away. But no matter how hard she tried, the pain kept coming back. No one knew what she was going through. It was she who chose not to tell anyone about it. Reason? She couldn’t trust anyone anymore. May be she could forgive but she didn’t believe in promises anymore. She didn’t want to make herself vulnerable again by telling what she felt. She had learned her lessons the hard way and she didn’t want to forget the lessons. But how she wished she could just forget all that happened and begin life’s journey afresh. She it wouldn’t be easy but it was possible. There was a problem. She didn’t want to try. She had no strength left to try again. For her it was easier to maintain the facade that she had created for the world and cry alone than trying to begin life afresh. But for how long could she live like that? Wouldn’t there be a possibility of someone getting to know about it? A question which only time could answer.

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