Months in Rewind- September and October 2015

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September September are you already gone? Oh wait it is November already! Where did October go? First things I feel guilty- guilty for not writing anything on the blog for a long time. Not a single post in October which is in complete contrast to last October when I took up the Ultimate Blog Challenge and ended up writing 31 posts in 31 days. I think I need to take up such challenges more often because I am not the one give up easily on a challenge.
Okay so now coming back to the purpose of writing this post- looking back on the month or in this case the months gone by. September started with a lot of missing home and that became worse when I fell sick and I missed Mom’s care when I fell sick. No matter how old you become when you are sick you miss your mother’s care. I managed to write 5 posts in September and after a long time one of my posts got selected as one of Blog Adda’s Tangy Tuesday and the post is really special to me. Read the post here. September also had few holidays and hence some break from work. Most of the holidays I end up being lazy and spend my time doing nothing or sometimes the Monica in me makes me clean all the things that I have managed to stuff in my tiny room. But one of the holidays was special as it was a girls day out with my friends followed by a sleepover. What a nice day it was!  One of the days that I look forward to every month is the day that I will be meeting my bestie! Though we live in the same city, we live in different corners of the city and work keeps us from meeting each other more often.
October was about holidays and travel! Yeah you realize the value of long weekends when you live away from home. So I grabbed every opportunity available to go home. October also meant lot of shopping as it was the month of cousin’s wedding! And my cousin’s wedding took me Mangalore and Kasargod. It was nice to meet all my cousins and relatives after a long time. It is occasions such as these that give you an opportunity to meet all your relatives. And guess who was the maid of honour to my cousin for her wedding? I know you would have guessed it right ;)
But I really feel bad for not writing in October. I know I shouldn’t be making excuses. But one of the reasons that I couldn’t write were the frequent power cuts. The load shedding made my life difficult as most of the times when I would come back tired from work, there would be no power supply or water in my room! And that would spoil my mood. It also meant no watching TV shows, no reading. All these days I have been reading Jeffrey Archer’s “Sons of Fortune” and I must say that I am proceeding at a snail’s pace.
There are times when I just feel low. But I think all of those are just passing thoughts. I must write more often and read more. Keeping my brain occupied with such productive things will definitely help me. I made a resolution- to write at least a 100 posts this year and if I have to reach that target, I have to write more often. November has already been a busy month. Hope it will be a nice month! How was October to you? Do let me know. Have a nice November!

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