Can I confess?

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There are things that I’ve always wanted to share,
But I stop myself because I think that there is none to care.
Can I confess that I sometimes wish I had someone who listened to all that I had to say?

I tell you that I am old enough to take care of myself,
I tell you that I am a grown up now and I don’t need any help.
But can I confess Ma that your care is all that I crave for now that I stay away from you?

I go on putting a smile on my face,
I try to enjoy life and make each day the best of my days.
But can I confess that there are times when all I do is cry?

I give my best in whatever I do,
No matter if the things are old or new.
But can I confess that in search of perfection I am scared to make mistakes?

In life’s many trials I have tried to be strong,
Trying not to be put down by the things going wrong.
But can I confess that there are times when I’ve lost hope and I’ve just wanted to give up?

I decide to move on and walk ahead,
I promise myself that no tear I will shed.
But can I confess that I often look back at the memories and think if I could go back in time and change everything?

This post is written for Blog Chatter's prompt for the week- Can I confess?

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