An Apology

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Things will never be the same as before,
They may get better or most likely even worse.
The signs are hard to ignore,
And maybe it is a curse.

I don’t know if I can make things right,
It takes two to set things straight.
I don’t know who started the fight,
But to find out may be now it is too late.

It is hard to say sorry when I am not wrong,
But it always better to have some peace of mind.
It isn’t easy but I’ve to be strong,
The answers to my questions I don’t seek to now find.

I am sorry for the things that hurt you,
But trust me I’ve always wished only the best for you.
I wish things weren’t bad and troubles were few,
Please accept my apology for it is true.

This post is written for the following prompt at A week for writing

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