5 reasons why I blog

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It is a cold Sunday night. The weather makes me feel lazy. I think the weather induces sleep and yes I feel sleepy too. But then why am I sitting with my laptop in front of me, with earphones plugged in while my fingers brave the cold and type out the zillion thoughts in my head? My fingers find it hard to keep up with the pace at which my thoughts switch from one thing to another. But then I continue. Why? It is because I want to blog and why do I blog? Lots of reasons I say.

  1.   I love blogging: Blogging was kind of love at first sight for me. With each passing day, the love for it only increased. I have at times made me blog the first priority even when I had my semester exams the next day or when I was supposed to prepare for the all important job interview. Such is my love for blogging. Do you ask why such love? I feel I have grown with my blog. My blog is one of my best friends. Sometimes it my own posts that cheer me up when I feel low or when I feel I need some sense to be put into my head. My blog is always there for me and listens to whatever I want to say. And my dear bloggy, I’ll be there for you..
  2. It is my world full of words: Ever since I learned to read and write, I have always loved books. And as the love for books grew, the thought of writing one of my own someday came into my head. I know it is stupid, right? But I want to create a world of my own through words- all of my own. So this blog is where I put all the ideas and various scenarios that pop up in my head. My thoughts need a release from the confines of my head and this is perfect place.
  3. I love being read.: My blog is a tiny step that I am taking to becoming a writer someday. I don’t know if I will ever end up writing a book that people will read and appreciate. So this is my way of out of getting to people to read what I write. Every comment means a lot to me. When people appreciate what I write, I feel happy. And it is my readers who help me grow by correcting me when I am wrong. If I don’t put up the things I write on my blog, who is going to review it?
  4. It is a stress buster : Everyone has a way of releasing the stress that comes with the hectic lives that we live these days. My blog is my way of dealing with stress. For me, it is an escape from stress as I begin to think and imagine different situations to write about. The feeling when the status of each post that I have written changes from drafts to published is wonderful!
  5. Connections, connections, connections: Thanks to blogging, I have made a lot of friends most of them in the blogosphere. Finding likeminded individuals is always a pleasant feeling. My blogger friends read my blogs and I get to read all their amazing blogs. So many stories, so many ideas and hence I get to learn a lot from my blogger friends. The feedback and the motivation that I get are helping me be a better blogger. I am yet to meet my blogger friends, but they are some of the most amazing people I know. Hope to meet them soon!
So these are some of the reasons why I blog. Yes, just some of them. And one of the main reasons this blog has come this far is because of all my dear readers. Thank you dear readers. :) Keep reading :)

This post is written for Blog Chatter's prompt for the week. Have a great week ahead :) 

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