Kiss Goodbye!

As I sit beside my window,
Memories linger in my mind.
The tears just flow,
And I wish life was more kind.

Between the pages of a book,
A photo of you I find.
A glance at it was all it took,
For the past to just unwind.

When I felt everything was right,
You proved me wrong.
While I was thinking of a future bright,
You showed me that your love wasn’t strong.

That red rose you gave is still with me,
And all I now see are thorns.
Together I always thought we could be,
But alone I now mourn.

Why did our paths cross?
Why did you come if all you wanted was to leave?
I am now at loss,
It still seems hard to believe.

I brush aside the memories now,
Though not completely, my heart has to heal.
To myself I make a vow,
My troubles alone I will deal.

The picture and the rose away I now throw,
I decide I will no longer cry.
I’ve to be strong and I’ve to grow,
And it all starts as to your memories I kiss goodbye!

This post is written for A week for Writing- Wordle

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