Month in Rewind: July 2015


And I am back with my month in rewind posts. I’d started writing these posts last year and then I sort of stopped writing them. But since July marked the beginning of a new phase of my life, I’ve decided to be as regular as possible writing these posts!
I woke up to July in a different city- Bengaluru. July marked the beginning of my journey as a professional, of earning my own bread and being an independent person. The first job is always special. A lot of new things for me- new place to stay and the best part- making new friends! And yes exploring different parts of Bangalore as well. Thanks to my training which took to me to the various locations that the company I work for is situated in.
And the highlight of July apart from the new job was blogging! Blogging had taken a back seat from the beginning of the year due to various reasons and that is why I decided to take up the Ultimate Blog Challenge for the month of July. And I ended up writing more posts in July than the rest of the year gone by put together. The challenge really proved to be a difficult one because writing every day after the training sessions and the long tiring travel wasn’t easy. Thinking what to write each day made me go crazy at times. And to make matters worse, I didn’t have good internet connectivity in my room. But all my efforts paid off as not only did I complete the challenge, my blog also crossed the 50k views mark. There were times when I thought of giving up as it was becoming very difficult for me to post each day. But the constant encouragement by my friends and readers made me continue blogging. And the prompts at A prompt each day helped me overcome my writer’s block to a great extent. And I promised to gift myself with something if I would complete the challenge. So right now, my mind is thinking of the perfect gift to myself. Any suggestions?
Reading took a back seat this month due to lack of time. Weekends are also spent in office at times or in just spending time with friends and catching up with them as it is not possible during the week. Bangalore has been good to me so far except for the traffic of course.
July was good for me. But the only thing that makes me sad is that I am so far away from home. August you better be good. I plan to catch up with some reading this month. Hope I get to visit home in August. How did July treat you? What are your plans for August? Please let me know in the comments. 

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