Turning a new page

The old cupboard made a squeaky noise as I opened it after a long time. I had to pack all of my things as I was now moving to a new city. I had this habit of collecting mementos of everything special that happened in my life and my love for collecting such things never stopped until recently. As I kept looking through my things, I stumbled upon my faded jeans and the memories swept through my mind. I put my hands in the pockets and found that note he had given me all those years ago exactly the way it had been. We had been out on a class picnic on the bank of the river and he had called me aside and given me that note and I’d asked me to open it after I’d reached home. But the curious creature that I was, I couldn’t help but open it once he went away. And it was just what I’d expected it to be- a love letter! The feeling was mutual but I think we never really had the courage to confess to each other and now he’d finally done it! And it was like a fairy tale thereafter until that day when he suddenly decided to go away from me. I was unable to comprehend why he’d done it and I was difficult for me to get over the pain. It still hurts me after all these years. And though it is hard for me, I think it is time for me to let go of everything that reminds me of him and turn a new page in the book of life.

This post id written for Midweek Wordle 6 at A Prompt Each Day and for Day 8 of Ultimate Blog Challenge

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