The mirror

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As she looked at the reflection in the mirror, she was astounded. There she was her little daughter all dressed up as a bride. And her mind went back to the time when she was a bride. Her daughter looked almost the same- all the more pretty though! But the reflection that she saw in the mirror was hard to believe. It seemed just yesterday when her daughter would stand in front of the mirror when she was getting dressed. She remembered her little girl’s failed but cute attempts to wrap around her saree. The times she’d scolded her as a teenager for standing in front of the mirror forever getting dressed seemed just few days ago. Time had indeed flown! Her daughter had grown up in front of that mirror. Tears streamed down her face. The thought of her daughter going away made her sad. She would miss her! But she wiped her tears away as she walked towards her daughter whose smile only made her look more beautiful. Her daughter was happy and that is all that mattered to her.

This post is written for Wordplay #9 at A Prompt Each Day and for Day 27 of Ultimate Blog Challenge

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