The bubbles

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She kept blowing bubbles into the air as if she was a kid. That was what I liked about her- her innocence, her childlike ways and the manner in which she found happiness in the little joys of life and she kept spreading positive vibes around her. As I kept admiring her from a distance like I always did, I remembered the time from the past when I was jealous of her and kept telling everyone that she was just showing off that she was happy and had everything in life. It was only when I got to know her better that the bubble was burst and I realized how wrong I’d been. She’d fought through life bravely and she deserved to smile for she was a winner in life through all the challenges that she’d faced. 

This  post is written for Lillie McFerrin Writes- Five Sentence Fiction- Bubbles and for Day 28 of Ultimate Blog Challenge

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