Take it easy

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Life throws its challenges when you least expect,
Some you can handle some leave you wrecked.
There are many things that you want to do,
Many things that you want to prove.
In life’s race you try to run,
You want it to be the first one.
But the more you run each time,
There is something else to chase the next time.
Sometimes it makes you happy,
But many times it makes you crappy.
There things that you love that you have to give up,
Sometimes you don’t find the time to ask your friend
The little joys of life you always miss,
Oh how you miss the pure bliss!
You find yourself feeling low,
Your face is missing its beautiful glow.
Your anger and mood swings make you go mad,
Peace of mind you wish you always had.
And then you ask yourself if it is worth it,
Will there ever be a time when you can just sit?
Life my dear friend, is too short to be not enjoyed,
Enjoy every little moments for that will leave you overjoyed.
So the next time when life drives you crazy,
The only solution is to take it easy!

This post is written for Quoted #7 at A Prompt Each Day and for Day 21 of Ultimate Blog Challenge

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