My life, my story!

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I kept staring at my reflection in the mirror and I felt like a stranger. Life had changed and so had I. Gone were those carefree, happy days. The innocent smile had disappeared. That twinkle in my eyes was no longer there. There was no light- only darkness- pitch darkness. That is what I saw. The fire within me to achieve my dreams was now extinguished. I didn’t feel myself – because I wasn’t myself. All I craved for was a simple life and to achieve my not so lofty dreams. But that wasn’t the way things were heading at the moment. I wasn’t happy where I was. I was doing things because I had to and not because I wanted. The worry about tomorrow wilted my spirit. I felt was losing the battle.
I couldn’t trust anyone now and slowly I had stopped trusting myself. Was it because I’d given up hope of trusting anyone ever again? Maybe. I thought of giving up and continuing with my existence. Yes, I chose to exist rather than live.
But then memories of my childhood came to my mind. I was innocent and without thinking that world would chide my dreams I kept speaking about them. I believed in myself and that was all that mattered. But slowly the world had convinced me that my dreams were of no good. And I believed that. As I kept thinking about it I realized that I was not the one who’d give up when I was a kid. Then why should I do it now? It was time now to start living for myself and my dreams. My faith in people was gone, but not the faith in myself. My dreams drew me towards them like the enchanting music of a flute draws a music lover. The giving up wasn’t worth it. It was time now for me to turn over a new leaf and write a new and better chapter in the story of my life. After all it is the story of my life and I decide how I choose to live it.

This post is written for Midweek Wordle at A Prompt Each Day and for Day 22 of Ultimate Blog Challenge

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